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General What is e-carsharing? Carsharing is the fast and flexible form of car rental, which provides the same privileges as having your own car, but at the same time avoiding the costs of ownership.

GreenGo is a Hungary based innovative system which was inspired by foreign examples.

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With the use of a smartphone application iOS or Androidyou can rent the car on a minute-based tariff and can leave it anywhere within the service area. Why electric cars? We hope, that our cars mean more than just one of the means of transportation, because we think of them not just a practical tool, but also as advocates of a greener future.

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How does GreenGo differ from traditional car renting? How can I register?


You can become a registered user via our application. After you provided all the necessary data, upload pictures of each side dohányzási kódok árai your Hungarian driving licence via the application and a selfie holding your driving licence with picture on it facing the camera.

We will check and approve your registration asap, but maximum within 4 working days. You will get an email with good-to-know details when your account is activated.

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If you get stuck just drop us an email at ugyfelszolgalat greengo. If you don't have a Hungarian licence, you have to pay us a personal visit at our customer service office.

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Is it possible to register as a company? Of course.

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If your company would spend less than If you spend more than the above, we suggest you should go for our corporate packages and havediscounts, monthly invoicing and wire transfer possibility.

Check out all the prices here. It is important to note that each user has to register and sign a personal contract as individuals before using the company account!

Just like other users, during this they have to provide their personal bank card, not the corporate one. If you wish to receive more information about the conditions, please contact at business greengo.

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Who can use it? The only requirement is a valid, at least one year old driving license, an ID or passport and a bank card. How do I pay?

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The rental fee will be automatically deducted from your bank card after each day you had a rental and you will get your electronic invoice via email. What is the service area and where can I check it? Our service area is where you can pick-up and drop-off the cars and can be found both in the app and on the webpage — marked as a green area.

Of course you can leave the service area during your drive, though you can only park the GreenGo outside the area, finishing your rental is only possible dohányzó tabletták károsak the area.

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Where and how do I find available cars? All available GreenGos can be dohányzási kódok árai on the main map screen of the application or on our webpage.

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Select any of the cars and you will see the licence plate number, the current address, the battery charge level and an estimated range which you can achieve with modest driving. Int he application you can either book it by tapping the stopwatch button on the left or start your rental by tapping the padlock button on the right.

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How to use Can I book a GreenGo? We only charge you for those minutes that you have actually used for extension.

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So if you set your booking for, say, minutes, but you start your rental after 35 minutes, dohányzási kódok árai only have to pay for 5 minutes. Note: if your booking is cancelled or expires the free booking option will not be available for you for the next 4 hours. During this period you can still book any of the GreenGos, but you have dohányzási kódok árai pay it.

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The GPS location of the car can be inaccurate in narrow streets, so it might happen that your GreenGo is parked a couple of ten meters from the marked location. What should I do? You can open the wheel lock by simultaneously moving the steering wheel a little bit and turning the key. Radar: what is it good for and how can I use it?

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